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Tramadol is a synthetic medicine that is used to do the treatment of some kind of pain which may may occur after an  operation. The medicine is also used in the treatment of chronic pain caused by illness or injury.  Nowadays in  USA the medicine is prescribed by the professionals for the treatment of the pain for it's excellent qualities and effective functioning in the patients. Some of the qualities of the medicine are as follows:


It is very effective against normal pain  as well as severe pain. So it is  an optimal medicine for the treatment of a wide range of pains.
Compared with other medicines, the rate of addiction to this medicine is very low.  The fact is that an overdose of this medicine with recreational purpose can also  produce side effects like . vomiting, drowsiness and in some cases seizures
If it is used in typically proper manner,  then the side effects  are not severe and do not cause nothing more than  nausea, dizziness, vomiting or drowsiness.



Even so, professionals who are preparing to prescribe this medication have to take certain precautions and review the medical history of the patient  who, they consider, needs  tramadol to treat his pain. It is because  there are several contraindications that must be considered before the patient is ready to start the treatment:
In case of being medicated due to a pre-existing disease, it is necessary to evaluate whether it is not contraindicated with tramadol to avoid damages due to consumption of  both medicines  simultaneously.
Consumption of alcohol is prohibited while being under treatment that involves taking tramadol as it can lead to an overdose that can cause convulsions  or even death in the worst case.



Then, there are some cases in which it is contraindicated or you have to moderate the use of tramadol. Some of these cases can be for example:
That the patient may have physical affections in the head. It is because  this medicine generates an increase of the intracranial pressure that can unleash a severe damage in the brain if there is a pre-existing physical damage
That the patient has respiratory problems, tramadol has to lower the respiratory rate. Because, if the patient has any problem in his respiratory system, that can lead to severe damage in itself.
In case of pregnancy, the use of tramadol is not recommend as it might affect the baby.
In case of the patients of less than 18 years of age the use of this medicine is not recommended because the body is not yet developed enough to suit  this substance.




The professional who will prescribe “tramadol”  has to consider whether the patient is of 65 years of age or the patient has any pre-existing disease that affects  kidneys or  liver that are responsible for metabolizing the medication. In both cases the dosage must be adjusted so that the patient does not suffer an overdose because of their poor capacity to metabolize the medication.
Although there are a few cases of addiction to this drug, it must be taken that it may occur. Once the medication is removed from a person who depends a lot on it, it must go through a series of withdrawal symptoms,physical and psychological:

Among the physical symptoms we find such  as vomiting, dizziness, nausea and in the worst case of convulsion.

And in the psychological ones we find symptoms like paranoia and hallucinations among others.

Tramadol was designed to avoid drugs like “codeine” or “ morphine derivatives” as because  they their  addiction rate is much higher than tramadol and their side effects are much more severe. For this reason,  it is the most- chosen medicine for the treatment of pain by professionals in the United States.



Unlike other medicines, tramadol is a totally synthetic medicine, that means,  it does not derive from any natural substance. 
we can find this medicine in different forms, such as syrups, pills, effervescent pills or even injection.
Ultram is the  most well-known brand that distributes this medicine in the United States .

This medicine has excellent results and  performs very well as long as the dosage is correct and you have the necessary precautions at the time of intake.